New Roots/Blues: Cary Morin — ‘Cradle To The Grave’

Cary Morin — Cradle To The Grave

How often do we get to discover an artist so talented and so connected (to himself, to the music, to our own interpretative leanings, and to the times we live in) that searching out that artist’s previous work is absolutely necessary? Cary Morin, the soulful roots-based singer/highly skilled fingerstyle guitarist is such an artist.

Cary Morin has released his fourth CD, Cradle to the Grave and I can’t wait to track down the other three. Recorded and engineered by Richard Werdes at Studio Underground in Ft. Collins, Colorado, the new album makes it clear why Morin has been acclaimed as one of the very best pickers on the scene today. His fingers weave, knit, smooth, soothe and generally present each storytelling tune with its own specific musical font.

One of the most captivating aspects of Cradle To The Grave is that it is entirely acoustic. Just as rewarding is that all songs were written by Morin, except for a few unique covers: Willie Brown’s “Mississippi Blues,” Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U,” and Phish’s “Back on the Train.” The best of the original works reference Morin’s Native American heritage and integrity (particularly “Dawn’s Early Light”).

With his astounding finger-picking and irascible vocals, Morin defies easy musical categorization. Is it blues, country, roots, or jazz? All of which means that it is that rare event in the music scene today—that which simply must be heard to be understood.

Essential Downloads: “Cradle to the Grave,” “Lay Baby Lay,” “Mishawaka.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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