Country Single: Erin McLendon’s “When God Made A Woman”

Erin McLendon — “When God Made A Woman”

“In the beginning, God made man, then said ‘Let me try that again’… ”

You may have heard a catchy tune on Spotify or Pandora lately that captures the zeitgeist more than it even intended. “When God Made A Woman,” performed by Erin McLendon, is an infectious definition of our current cultural moment. Never before has a dose of reality been packaged with such appeal. There’s no male-bashing going here, just some reminders that women are up to any challenge. If country radio has any sense, they’ll pick up on this celebration and let the song reach the many listeners who are likely to love it.

Co-written by McLendon and Patricia Patts, the song is the standout track on McLendon’s most recent album, Making It Up As We Go. The song dusts off the spirit of Americana and polishes it with a wit that can only come from a whole lot of wisdom. What makes the song succeed is how the lyric matches the enthusiasm of the rollicking melody, all of which allows McLendon to have a carefree, good time. The light touch is quite effective, especially the clever call-and-response “Amen” section.

You know you’re in for something special when the first thing you hear is a drum roll. Follow that with a clever take on the situation, and a sunny, sassy vocal delivery, and end it with a final chord (not just yet another fade out)—making it clear that this is a performance—and you have a perfect introduction to an artist to keep watching.

To purchase this song on iTunes, click here.

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