Reba’s McEntire’s New Single — “Freedom”

Reba’s New Single — “Freedom”

What’s not to love about Reba singing a new anthem to freedom? This one tells the story of a woman with a history of bad relationships who finds a man who gives her that often elusive feeling of freedom. It’s the first single off her upcoming studio album, Stronger Than the Truth — a collection of reliable country ballads and western dance hall swingers.

Written by James Brunswick, Tommy Cecil, Jaida Dreyer, and John Pierce, “Freedom” is the kind of determined, feisty, song that Ms. McEntire does so well. You know the kind — a song that starts poetically and drives its way to powerful. This one, though, has an air of inevitability that comes with experience. And the entire thing sits in her vocal range perfectly.

In case you like to sing along, here are the lyrics:

I’m no stranger to the thick smoke of a bar and heart chained to a bottle of whiskey / And I’ve held strangers in my arms to pull apart the bars because I couldn’t find a key / I searched high and low, been to hell and back / Been a prisoner to my soul, and all I know is that / The price of being free, it don’t come cheap. 

That’s why people fight for it, rise for it / Burn up the night for it / Cry for it, pine for it / Cross rivers wide for it / Once you’ve held the truth there’s nothing you won’t do / And when I look into your eyes I know why people die for it / Freedom / Loving you feels like freedom. 

You’re the red, the white, the blue / The stars that cover the scars when we broke the shackles / And I’ve never been to war before but your boots there on the floor are proof that I’ve won the battle / And all you had to give to me / Was the gift of being free. 

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