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New Music: Shane Alexander — ‘Bliss’

Shane Alexander — Bliss

Label: Buddhaland Music

As soon as I hear the first notes of Shane Alexander’s new album, Bliss, I got a breezy rush of nostalgia. Not that the music is retro in any way; the nostalgia I felt was more of a longing for emotions I thought I left behind in my home state of California. I cannot say how he does it, but the singer/songwriter/guitarist has created songscapes that instantly capture the evaporative atmosphere of the West Coast of my growing up—the loose, free-flowing, exhalation of lyrics attempting to make sense of a crazy-yet-coherent life. Shane Alexander’s soothing vocals are so pleasurable that he can ask some pretty profound questions, all while seeming in the clear.

The self-produced album contains ten tracks all written or co-written by Shane Alexander. The production is top-notch, with every instrument coming through as clearly as the pitch-perfect vocals. It’s the feel good album of the summer, full of songs with themes that will leave you feeling as purposeful as a sunrise.

(My favorite track is the incurably untouchable “Something Real Never Dies,” which, if there’s any justice, will be chosen as the theme for the next James Bond 007 film…)


Essential Downloads: “Something Real Never Dies,” “I Will Die Alone,” “Nobody Home,” “Bliss.”

To preview or purchase this album on Amazon, click here.

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