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Interview with Dustin Lynch: A Track-by-Track Guide to his new Album (‘Tullahoma’)

Dustin Lynch has always been one of Parcbench’s favorite country stars. We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing him ever since his first single (“Cowboys and Angels”) hit back in 2012. It’s a new decade now and he’s got a new album, but it’s still the same well-crafted, solid, country music. Here’s Dustin’s take on the … Continue reading


Grammy Nominated (Best Folk Album): Gregory Alan Isakov — ‘Evening Machines’

Gregory Alan Isakov — Evening Machines Label: Dualtone Music To listen to Gregory Alan Isakov‘s album, Evening Machines, is to take a highly personal trip. His gorgeous music is so evocative and inviting that it cannot help but inspire the listener to travel inward and supply these mesmerizing songs with some intimate context. The songs … Continue reading