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Landslide Records’ 40th Anniversary Compilation

Great news: Landslide Records celebrates its 40th Anniversary with this extensive and very satisfying two-disc compilation, featuring the best of the label’s output through the years. These discs are packed with sublime performances of blues, jazz, rockabilly, and so much more by some amazing talent, including; Tinsley Ellis, Sean Costello, Delta Moon, The Derek Trucks … Continue reading


New Blues/Roots Music: Zoom (with Shawn Kellerman) — ‘Chocolate Cake’

The request for a second serving goes without saying. What comes as a surprise is how each track of Chocolate Cake — the new album from Zoom with Shawn Kellerman — reaches a new, highly satisfying emotional level. With blues/funk diva Zoom’s powerful vocals and Kellerman’s equally forceful guitar work/play, the album is an essential, … Continue reading


In honor of Stephen Sondheim: just a few of his best lyrics

Stephen Sondheim, the respected, admired, and, let’s face it — worshipped — composer-lyricist behind some of Broadway’s most beloved and celebrated shows, died today at 91. Mr. Sondheim was the Shakespeare of musical theater. Now we know for certain that “there are giants in the sky.” Even more than the melodies, Sondheim’s lyrics stand alone as … Continue reading


New Holiday Music: Lori McKenna — “Christmas Is Right Here”

Lori McKenna — “Christmas Is Right Here” Label: Thirty Tigers Produced by Lori McKenna, Luke Laird & Barry Dean, Christmas Is Right Here is a six song EP that does exactly what a new addition to your home’s treasured Christmas music collection should. It reminds, it celebrates, it contemplates, and it inspires. For McKenna, Christmas is an ever-changing kaleidoscope … Continue reading