New Americana: Chip Taylor — ‘Little Brothers’

Chip Taylor — Little Brothers

From the start, Chip Taylor makes it clear that Little Brothers is not your typical album. The fusion of guitar and text remind us of the essence of a good song: storytelling. The rest of the album amplifies this captivating notion, with songs of confession, enlightenment and personal redemption.

Clearly, songwriter Chip Taylor (you know him as the guy who wrote “Wild Thing” and “Angel of the Morning”) knows the true power of music. On Little Brothers he floats fragile wisdom and wit our direction on a raft of some of the most satisfying chords and strums ever assembled. The way his songs arrive, full of understated big ideas, and come together, with the words and the music playing catch-up until they both land with the same breath, is remarkable. What’s most impressive (and a lesson to other writers) is the level of trust he has in what he is playing and singing. It’s not often these days that the function leads the form so seamlessly. These are songs to hear, to share, and, ultimately, to protect.

Essential Downloads: “Bobby I Screwed Up,” “Little Brothers,” “Book Of Hope.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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