New Bluegrass: Michael & Jennifer McLain — ‘Hit The Road And Go’

Michael & Jennifer McLain — ‘Hit The Road And Go’

Want to start off 2017 on a very good note? If you’re looking for entertaining, relaxing, toe-tapping bluegrass, played by four very skilled artists, you should ge to know Michael & Jennifer McLain. Their recent album, Hit The Road And Go, is a great introduction to a group that has its own easy-going style in a very crowded and dramatic field. Although steeped in tradition, the album is completely accessible to anyone who just knows good music when they hear it.

Throughout the album, Jennifer McLain’s crystal-clear vocals (sometimes joyous, sometimes plaintive, always truthful) are wed to Michael McLain’s incredibly skillful musicianship. It is a relationship that creates just the right atmosphere to showcase each of the twelve tracks on the disk perfectly. On the album, Michael McLain (Banjo, Guitar) and Jennifer McLain (Banjo, Mandolin) are joined by Kori Caswell (Bass) and Dan Kelly (Fiddle).

Essential Downloads: “This Old Heart (Is Gonna Rise Again),” “Hit The Road And Go,” “Boom Town.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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