Sounding Arrow — ‘Loving Is Breathing’

Sounding Arrow — Loving Is Breathing
Label: California Country Records

Smile. It’s still all gonna be okay.

The first solo project from Scott Kinnebrew, Sounding Arrow is a romantic tribute to the trippy whimsy of a golden sunset laden adolescence in the now nearly mythical California beach culture of a few decades past. In other words, its a thrilling evocation of that time you thought impossible to revisit, much less describe correctly in words and music. But with Loving Is Breathing, Sounding Arrow has done just that.

Loving Is Breathing is all about having an inspired idea and executing it with a specificity that matches that idea. The collection of 8 songs all reflect the California vibe off of waves of easy harmony. The album is a quiver full of musical arrows that aim high and achieve magnificently. These songs are testaments to what is eternal—human connection—as long as you still believe.

Essential Downloads: “Universe,” “You Will Be Loved.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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