New Music: The Bennett Matteo Band — ‘Shake the Roots’

The Bennett Matteo Band — Shake the Roots

Label: Gulf Coast Records

Let’s just start by noting the exceptional talents who really make this album by The Bennett Matteo Band soar: Jade Bennett (lead vocals); Gino Matteo and Kid Andersen (guitars); Michael Burnham (bass); Carson Ford (drums); Jim Pugh and Kid Andersen (keyboards); Nic Clark (harmonica); and Dmar (percussion); with background vocals by Lisa Leuschner Andersen, The Sons of the Soul Revivers and Kid Andersen.

Did I mention the background vocals? They are spectacular, and the reason they are so effective is that Jade Bennett’s vocals are so easy to grab ahold of and take on an amplifying roller coaster through guitarist and songwriter Gino Matteo’s thoroughly captivating songs. This is an exciting group of musicians who must put on a heck of a live show. In the meantime, check out their latest album, Shake the Roots.

My personal favorite track is “Paid & Broke,” a song that says everything you need to know in two words and an ampersand. A powerful lyric, set to a melody that reaches back to the ancestors, brought to life with a vocal delivery that could start a fire on the Moon.

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