New Music: The Barlow — ‘New Year, Old Me’

The Barlow‘s third album, New Year, Old Me, arrives just in time for that spontaneous summer drive. And with gas prices where they’re at, if you could use even just a metaphoric road trip, these songs from the country-rock band will take you where you need to go. Sometimes bands develop a deep connection with their home base, and this Denver-based band is becoming one of the greatest to capture the Colorado sound (meaning their own here-and-now). We tourists are lucky to be along for the ride. It’s a straight to the point series of destinations, with each track standing alone as a necessary and rewarding stop along the way.

The Barlow has a gift for making songs that connect immediately with your soul and never seem to leave. Once you’ve heard one of their masterful songs, hearing it again is like meeting up with an old friend — one who eventually knows you better than most. They have a comfortable (meaning relaxed, not sloppy) authenticity (meaning genuine believability, not an invented persona) to them. It is an appealing quality reflected in their music and it translates on the recording. I suspect that if The Barlow were playing nearby on a regular basis, I’d be at every gig.

New Year, Old Me was produced by The Barlow and Brad Smalling, engineered by Smalling, Shea Boynton and Jason Brogly and mixed and mastered by Smalling. All songs written by Boynton and The Barlow. Did I mention that stellar musicianship? The Barlow is Boynton (vocals, guitar, banjo), Troy Scoope (bass), Ben Richter (drums) and Brad Johnson (guitar, vocals). Additional musicians on the album include Ben Waligoske (pedal steel), Andy Schneider (keys) and Dan Hochhalter (fiddle).

Is the country-rock genre alive and well? Apparently so. Does it have a future? The Barlow is more than up to the challenge. They take a classic sound (meaning the kind of songs you’re secretly hoping to hear) and give it a tune-up and a coat of new paint. Enjoy the trip!

Better yet — take a trip to hear them live:

The Barlow 2022 remaining tour dates:

Jul 22- Levitt Pavilion- Denver, CO

Jul 23 – Admirals Cove – Lemoyne, NE

Aug 5 – High Side! Bar & Grill – Salida, CO

Aug 6 – Warehouse25sixty-five Kitchen + Bar – Grand Junction, CO

Sep 22 – Raccoon Motel – Davenport, IA

Sep 23 – Showboat Saloon – Wisconsin Dells, WI

Sep 24 – Appleton Beer Factory – Appleton, WI

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