New Bluegrass: Dave Adkins’ Self-Titled Album

Dave Adkins bluegrassDave Adkins — ‘Dave Adkins’
Label: Mountain Fever Records

With his new self-titled album, Dave Adkins debuted at #1 on Billboard’s Top Bluegrass Albums Chart. And for good reason: the vocal power Adkins unleashes on well-chosen song after song has resulted in an album that is one of the first ‘must-have’ bluegrass collections of 2016.

Adkins contributed six original songs to the album including the first single release “Change Her Mind,” “A Whole Lot More To Tell,” and “One and Only.” He co-wrote three additional tunes – “You Don’t Have To Go To Be Gone” with Paula Breedlove and Brink Brinkman, and two with Dawn Kenny and David Morris – “Russell Fork River” and “Turn and Burn.” Other highlights include the aching “Fool-o-sophy” co-written by Larry Cordle and Chris Stapleton and the softly sublime “Angel Song” co-written by Corey Lee Barker and Chris Liffey.

With a rhythmically rolling banjo undercurrent, waves of fiddle and guitar raising the listener to emotional crests, Dave Adkins’ voice offers something real, something trustworthy and something thrilling to hold on to. It’s an exciting ride—this self-titled new album from Dave Adkins. Buy an extra copy; Adkins possesses the impressive kind of voice—full of personality and dimension, and instantly relatable—that you just want to share.

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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