New Americana: Jeff Crosby — ‘Waking Days’

Jeff Crosby

Jeff Crosby — ‘Waking Days’

Dear Readers: I’m sorry. Please forgive me for having overlooked singer-songwriter/guitarist Jeff Crosby’s latest CD in the constantly growing mountain of new releases looking for an online mention. I say I’m sorry, not because I promise to keep up with the musical slush pile—I’m sorry because six months have gone by since this album’s release without my informing you that this is one of the best I’ve heard in that time. With an instantly trustworthy and appealing voice, Crosby delivers highly personal material while avoiding sentimentality.

The ten original country/Americana and rock/folk-rooted songs is Crosby’s fifth and features his band The Refugees, which consists of Andy Crosby (bass), Will Prescott (drums) and Dave Manion (pedal steel/guitar). The album, which overflows with atmosphere like a much-needed rain in a desert, also includes appearances by Brian Whelan (pedal steel), Marshall Vore (drums), Fran Breem (drums), Ben Waligoske (guitar) and Adrian Engfer (standup bass).

Essential Downloads: “City Girls,” “Red, White and Blue,” “I Should Be Happy.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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