New Bluegrass: Kristy Cox — ‘Part Of Me’

Kristy Cox — ‘Part Of Me’

Label: Pisgah Ridge Records

Australian singer/songwriter Kristy Cox was recently awarded an Australian Golden Guitar for Bluegrass Recording of the Year. Her new album, Part of Me, indicates precisely why she won that award. Cox has a powerful voice that could probably excel at whatever genre she chose. Lucky for those of us who love bluegrass, she chose it. Or maybe it chose her; it’s hard to tell when the singer and the song are such a perfect fit.

Working with a solid band, including Stephen Mougin (guitar), Justin Moses (dobro), Mike Bub (bass), Jason Roller (fiddle and mandolin), and Steve Sutton (banjo), Kristy Cox’s vocals shine. Jerry Salley produced the album and wrote or co-wrote seven of the 11 tracks. Cox wrote or co-wrote four of the songs.

Essential Downloads: “You Walked In,” “Little White Whiskey Lies,” “That’s Where The Faith Comes In.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.


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