New Blues/Roots: Mike Eldred Trio — ‘Baptist Town’

Mike Eldred Trio — Baptist Town

The Mike Eldred Trio has extended the artistic reach of the Americana/Roots/Blues genres of music with their latest album, Baptist Town. Recorded in Memphis’ famed Sun Studios, the collection offers just as much variety as you’d hope might come from having been created in the legendary birthplace of Rock N’ Roll. Through sincere and candid songs, and soulful performances, the album conveys a world of pain and suffering and eventually finds a redemptive denouement. A trip through Baptist Town is a musically satisfying and emotionally cathartic experience. Bravo.

The album captures the timeless vibe of one of the Trio’s likely influences, blues guitarist Robert Johnson. Johnson was, of course, murdered in 1938 in a neighborhood outside of Greenwood, Mississippi known as “Baptist Town.” The album’s title track instantly creates a hazy, scorching atmosphere, where murder might be all too commonplace, that lingers long after the song is gone. On other, equally strong tracks, one can hear (and appreciate) the influence of Johnny Cash and Merle Haggard.

The Mike Eldred Trio is: Mike Eldred (guitarist extraordinaire), John Bazz (bass) and Jerry Angel (drums). The album also features guest appearances by John Mayer, Robert Cray and David Hidalgo.

Essential Downloads: “Hunder Dollar Bill,” “Bess,” “Baptist Town.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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