New Rock/Roots: Travis Green — ‘A Little Too Late’

Travis Green — A Little Too Late

Produced by: Kid Andersen

It’s never too late. If you think it is, just put the needle back on track one of Travis Green’s new album, A Little Too Late, play to the end, and repeat. These are ten original songs that promise good times, or at least a very good time while you’re listening to them. The album covers a wide range of styles, from rockabilly to blues to country, and Travis Green’s delivery makes it clear that he is a master at it all.

The players on this album are: Travis Green (Vocals), Kid Andersen (Guitar, Pedal Steel), Randy Bermudes (Bass), Jason Hansen (Drums), Jim Pugh (Keys), Nancy Wright (Saxophone), Lisa Leuschner Andersen (Backup Vocals), Courtney Knott (Backup Vocals). They are all featured nicely and they are obviously having a blast playing these playful, energetic songs.

I can’t help but picture Travis Green playing these songs live. It’s audience-friendly material that must ensure quite a lively exchange between performer and audience in the proper setting. In other words, if Travis Green is playing near you anytime, and you love live music that really connects with your soul, go!

Essential Downloads: “Please Don’t Cry,” “Damage Done.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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