Joey Evans — ‘Nashville’

Joey Evans — Nashville
Label: Lamon Records

Don’t let the album’s title fool you; Joey Evans’ new collection of songs has a lot more rock ‘n’ roll heart and soul to it than it does twang. If anything, play closer attention to the cool persona of Mr. Evans on the CD cover—a man and his guitar… what more do you need, right?

The album, titled Nashville since it was recorded (with producer Dave Moody) in Music City, USA, overflows with Jersey Shore attitude. Evans has a gift of blending the influence of every band you ever loved and coming up with his own, original music. He accomplishes this through an obviously encyclopedic knowledge of rock music, and through powerful lyrics that are honest and true. Evans’ delivery of each track fits the nuances of each stylistic variation perfectly.

Good, solid, new songs that evoke classic rock energy. If you like your summertime filled with bass lines and guitar riffs that induce a pleasurable kinetic response, you should check out Joey Evans’ latest.  From the sound of Nashville, Joey Evans knows how to put on a heck of a live show. In fact, you have two immediate opportunities to enjoy this multi-talented artist: at Mount Holly’s “Hollystock” (8/13/16), and Lakewood’s Strand Theatre “Love For Lillie Benefit Show” (10/15/16).

Essential Download: “Love Don’t Come Easy.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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