New Americana: Boo Ray’s ‘Sea Of Lights’

Boo Ray — Sea Of Lights

Boo Ray has a unique sound that is bound to attract attention from those who like their rock rural and gritty. Outlaw rock, Southern rock and blues rock, all set to the pulse of life as we actually live it. His new album, Sea of Lights, overflows with country/rock songs that smolder with the intensity of a citywide blackout. His vocals are of the “strictly-no-B.S.” variety; you know this is a guy who sings what he believes, and believes what he sings. He also seems to know that the purpose of a song is just as much about the audience’s appreciation of it. I can only imagine how well these tracks must play live in concert.

The band that supports his every note sounds like they’ve played together all their lives. They are: Steve Ferrone (Drums), Paul III (Bass), Sol Philcox-Littlefield (Guitars), Dallas Kruse (Keys) and Smith Curry (Steel). These are earthy songs, free of any unnecessary embellishments. Put them on ‘repeat’ and you’ll soon start to think of them as old friends who would never steer you wrong. Highly recommended.

Essential Downloads: “Redneck Rock & Roll,” “A Melody, Some Guitars & A Rhyme,” “Emmaline.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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