New Pop: Liz Longley — ‘Weightless’

Liz Longley — Weightless

Label: Sugar Hill Records

Every once in awhile a song comes along that cuts to the marrow of a situation and captures the emotional aftershock perfectly. Hopefully the title song on Liz Longley’s new album, Weightless, will get the exposure it deserves and thrust the singer/songwriter into a new level of recognition.

It’s that good.

And Longley’s vocals are even better. They splash around, wave after wave of crystal clear perfection, soaking us in honesty.

Liz Longley’s true gift is her ability to give voice to the intimate of thoughts, questions and yearnings in a completely unsentimental way. With her songs, we are brave enough to journey inward toward emotional coherence. Even the most simple of songs builds to a dramatic conclusion in her hands. She achieves wonders with an almost retro, 1990s sensibility; through sometimes whispered, sometimes vocally cascading notes, no matter of the heart is too fragile to polish until it shines with enlightenment.

If the future of pop music matters, this album will find itself on the top of everyone’s year-end “Best Of” list.

Essential Downloads: “Swing,” “Weightless,” “Rescue My Heart,” “Electricity.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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