New Blues: Duke Robillard And His All-Star Combo — ‘Blues Full Circle’

Duke Robillard And His All-Star Combo — Blues Full Circle
(Special Guests: Jimmie Vaughan, Sugar Ray Norcia & Kelley Hunt)

Label: Stony Plain Records

Six time ‘Blues Award’ winner Duke Robillard is one of the most respected blues and roots music guitarists around. Luckily for blues lovers, he is also prolific. His latest album, Blues Full Circle, really does bring things full circle; eight of the songs are new compositions and three were written by Robillard years ago. Let’s just hope that his impressive career never reaches any sort of closure.

On the album, two guest artists make important contributions. Kelley Hunt’s vocals are superb on her song, “The Mood Room,” and Jimmie Vaughan just about steals the show on “Shufflin’ and Scufflin.’ ” No matter what the tune, Robillard continues to be a master of taste and vision. At this point, all that need be said is that Duke Robillard is making new music; the high quality is assumed. Blues Full Circle does not disappoint.

Essential Downloads: “Last Night,” “The Mood Room,” “Shufflin’ and Scufflin,’ ” “You Used To Be Sugar.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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