New Blues: The Bob Lanza Blues Band — ‘Time To Let Go’

The Bob Lanza Blues Band — Time To Let Go
Label: Connor Ray Music

The Bob Lanza Blues Band has just released their fourth album, Time To Let Go. It is a mix of originals and classic covers; a well-played, well-produced effort that sounds, well, mostly effortless. In his powerful guitar work and muscular vocals, Lanza has captured a “throw caution to the wind” quality that serves the material perfectly. His spontaneous phrasing alone is a lesson in properly performing the blues.

Joining Bob Lanza (guitar, vocals) on the disc are: Sandy Joren (bass guitar), Vin Mott (drums, harp), Randy Wall (piano), Arne Wendt (piano, Wurlitzer), Steve Krase (harp), Don Erdman (harp), and the Cranberry Lake Horns (under the direction of Rob Chaseman).

Athough he is an East-Coaster, over the years, Lanza has travelled through the various destinations on the blues style map and played with some of the greats. You can hear it in every passionate and certain note of this solid album.

Essential Downloads: “When The Sun Comes Up,” “Rushin’ The Blues,” “Mind Your Own Business.”

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