New Rhythm and Blues: Si Cranstoun — ‘Old School’

Si Cranstoun — Old School

Label: Ruf Records

Wow. Here’s a reason to believe that the entire music industry has not completely failed us in 2016. I’m talking about Si Cranstoun and his riveting new album, Old School, which relies on the tried and true infectious energy of rock ‘n’ roll and rhythm and blues to prove that there is still hope. I’m not surprised that the messenger is an artist with an impressive pedigree: Lodon busker Si Cranstoun pounded the pavement for 20 years before being signed up on the spot by a Warner executive who discovered him performing in the street. That’s how exciting and real this music is.

The songs are all bound to make you smile, and Si Cranstoun’s vocals are, at times, sweet, sublime, sassy, and at all times sincere. The band that supports Cranstoun in his achievement is stellar. If this is “old school,” then I want a total musical reeducation right now.

Track Listing

  1. Old School
  2. Vegas Baby
  3. Nighttime
  4. Run Free
  5. Right Girl
  6. Jukebok Jump
  7. Elise The Brazilian
  8. Count On Me
  9. Around Midnight
  10. A Christmas Twist
  11. Skinny Jeans
  12. Thames River Song
  13. Commoner To King
  14. Big Bess
  15. Lover Please
  16. Happy Birthday

Essential Downloads: “Old School,” “The Right Girl,” “Nighttime,” “Skinny Jeans.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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