New Country: The Time Jumpers — ‘Kid Sister’

The Time Jumpers — Kid Sister

Label: Rounder Records

OK, so it’s not the world’s most exciting album cover. Open it up and take out the disc. What really matters is the music, and that’s where this album comes through. What more could anyone who loves Western Swing ask for than the stellar musicianship surrounding Vince Gill’s still perfect vocals?

The album is named for and dedicated to the late Dawn Sears, vocalist and wife of fiddler and founding member Kenny Sears. It is a heartfelt collection of songs worthy of her spirit and memory. Put on track 2 (“I Miss You”), turn up the volume, listen to Ms. Wells harmonize with Mr. Gill and tell me you aren’t consumed with feeling.

Other album highlights include the live concert instrumental favorite “All Aboard,” and the atmospheric “Blue Highway Blue.” These Time Jumpers know how to play a tune… and bare their souls with a lyric. With ten members, seven lead singers, and an infinite supply of musical virtuosity, the band is the definition of versatility, while always maintaining their signature Western Swing style.

Essential Downloads: ‘I Miss You,” “Table For Two.”

To purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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