New (Authentic) Country: Shane Owens — ‘Where I’m Comin’ From’

Shane Owens — Where I’m Comin’ From
Label: Amerimonte Records

God bless Shane Owens, for he is a beacon of hope in the disappearing history of country music. His sound harkens back to when country music and lyrics reflected an authentically rural world, and when the songs on a country radio station could never be mistaken for anything but country. He has a difficult road ahead, full of suits and ties and golf shirts telling him that he is out of style or some similarly asinine opinion. But on the other hand, he has country in his voice and in his soul, and that makes up for all of the failings of the dominant, decaying culture. His album, Where I’m Comin’ From,  is a collection of songs, with stories chock full of faith and family—just the type we’ll need more of, if the genre is to survive. Turn it up. Way up. Maybe it will drown out all the rest of the corporate country radio crap inevitably headed our way.

Essentials: “Where I’m Comin’ From,” “Country Never Goes Out Of Style.”

To purchase Shane Owens music on iTunes, click here.

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