The Soul Of John Black — Early In The Moanin’

The Soul Of John Black — Early In The Moanin’

The Soul Of John Black presents a welcome new take on soul music from two highly skilled musicians: John Bigham (percussion) and Christopher Thomas (bass). Their new album, Early In The Moanin’, explores almost all possible textures of feel good blues and R&B. There is a diversity to this album that only amplifies its power.

Soul hasn’t been this silky smooth since Al Green dominated the genre. Their sound is organic and unpretentious, with the bass laying the foundation and imaginative instrumentation seamlessly interwoven throughout the songs. Although the aesthetic is decidedly old-school, the execution is completely contemporary (and even forward-thinking).

Essential Downloads: “Early in the Moanin’,” “Cher,” “I Wish I Was Makin’ Love.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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