New Alt-Country: Greg Wickham — ‘If I Left This World’

Greg Wickham — If I Left This World

Greg Wickham’s previous Americana/alt-country releases, the critically acclaimed Better Than This (Checkered Past Records) and All In Your Head (Slewfoot Records) hinted at, but did not fully reveal his prolific talents. His new album, If I Left This World, co-produced by Wickham and Kristie Stremel, makes it clear just what he is capable of.

These twelve, all-original compositions are what roots rock/country-alt music deserves after all it’s been through. Wickham’s songs dust off the stale state of Americana and remind you of what works best about the subgenre—the balance of sorrow and joy, each honestly portrayed and performed. Wickham varies his delivery, communicating each song to a different audience, and giving the album an appealing emotional range.

Essential Downloads: “Ain’t No Way To Love You,” ‘If I Left This World.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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