New Blues: King James & The Special Men — ‘Act Like You Know’

King James & The Special Men — Act Like You Know

Release date: July 21, 2017

I know a good time when I hear one. And I haven’t heard a time quite as good as King James & The Special Men’s debut album, Act Like You Know, in quite awhile. The New Orleans-based band could very easily become the go-to group for anyone seeking a sassy, rollicking, infectious blues experience.

King James & The Special Men consists of: Jimmy Horn (vocals and guitar), Ben Polcer (piano),  Robert Snow (bass), John Rodli (guitar), Chris Davis (drums), Jason Mingledorff (tenor sax), Dominick Grillo (baritone sax), Travis Blotzky (tenor sax), Scott Frock (trumpet), and Jason Jurzak (tuba).

This six song collection wil transport you to the New Orleans of your dreams—the one where summer thunder, drums, beating hearts and pianos are interchangeable.

To preview this album on iTunes, click here.

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