New Blues: The Nighthawks — ‘All You Gotta Do’

The Nighthawks — All You Gotta Do

All You Gotta Do is the highly entertaining new album from The Nighthawks. It features 12 tracks by the award-winning blues band with the stellar line up of Paul Bell (guitar), Mark Wenner (harmonica), Johnny Castle (bass), and Mark Stutso (drums). It’s a wide-ranging collection of songs that features the vocal and instrumental expertise of each member equally.

The Nighthawks have a way of making contemporary blues sound classic. They give you all of the inventiveness while also satisfying that traditional itch. For years they have been sharpening their musical chops, resulting in a tightly integrated combo musical experience. All You Gotta Do is an adventure in the blues; it’s what happens when the blues are allowed to ricochet around the emotional landscape, bouncing back and forth between all the levels of self-imposed pain and joy.

Essential Downloads: “That’s All You Gotta Do,” “When I Go Away,” “Ninety Nine.”

To purchase this album, click here.

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