Paul Mark’s “December at the P.O.” — A Holiday Carol Gone Postal

Paul Mark — “December at the P.O.”

Radiation Records

Paul Mark’s recent contribution to the holiday song catalogue, “December at the P.O.,” is a compelling portrait of the postal workers we tend to take for granted at this time of year. It’s also an emotionally touching, lilting waltz that deserves to be heard by anyone who thinks that holiday tunes are, by definition, saccharine and sentimental. Au contraire. Paul Mark offers lyrics that are smart, gritty and so specific that they become a short story all on their own, and he sets them in a composition that oozes tender nostalgia. The opposing aesthetics work wonderfully well. It’s enough to make Ebenezer Scrooge close the office early and take his crew out for a pre-Christmas ale or two, or three, or more.

It’s Paul Mark’s first single from his upcoming collection (working title: Silent Movies); it’s the promise of more great music to come. What a gift that is, anytime of year.

Check it out here.

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