Sarah Ross — “Doin’ Just Fine”

Sarah Ross — “Doin’ Just Fine”

“I’m doing just fine, hey
Ever since you walked away
Won’t let my heartbreak
No you can’t bring me down today…”

“Doin’ Just Fine” is the first song from Sarah Ross’ upcoming EP. The track lets her shine, vocally, and supplies the listener who might be new to this artist with some insight into her winning personality and positive outlook.

And if it has the ring of truth to it, well. there’s probably a reason for that — Sarah Ross co-wrote “Doin’ Just Fine,” an anthem to getting along on one’s own, with her ex-boyfriend (the incredibly talented David Fanning).

By including a sizable amount of pop influence in the instrumentation and arrangement, Ms. Ross turned what might have been just another gloomy country song into something of a celebration. Emphasizing the empowerment that sometimes accompanies a single status makes the song instantly attractive.

To purchase this song on iTunes, click here.

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