Logan Magness — ‘Memphis On My Mind’

Logan Magness — Memphis On My Mind

Label: Wolf River Records

For a debut full-length album, Logan Magness’ Memphis On My Mind has a distinct air of self understanding about it. His songs, varies as they are, all share a depth and insightfulness expected from an artist who’s been making music for years. It is a case of the personal paving the way for the profound, and Magness has the craftsmanship to pull it off like a Master.

The collection of eleven tracks is a one-on-one experience that only deepens with repeated listening. The songs are soothing in their honesty, deceiving in their simplicity, and rich in their warm, atmospheric tones. Logan Magness is a voice very welcome to the airwaves. May he already be creating more of what he does so well.

Magness on my mind. Sounds good to me.

To purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

(Photo by Emily Sevin)

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