New Blues: Steve Krase Band — ‘Just Waitin’ ‘

Steve Krase Band — Just Waitin’

Label: Connor Ray Music

Houston-based harmonica master and frontman Steve Krase‘s new album —Just Waitin’— proves that the blues are, in fact, a celebration.

Not only is Krase is a world class harmonica player, he has the added gift of demonstrating how the harmonica can set a stage ablaze when not in solo mode. His playing amplifies the variety of songs chosen for this project in unexpected and highly satisfying ways. Whether it’s Hank Williams’ “Settin’ the Woods on Fire,” Big Walter Price’s “Nobody Loves Me,” Americana, or Zydeco (an original version of the Beverly Hillbillies TV theme, “The Ballad of Jed Clampett”), Steve Krase and the band have a musical blast with every track.

My personal favorite is the instant blues classic, “Irene, Irene,” co-written by the album’s stellar producer, Rock Romano The song allows Krase to scorch and taunt and generally remind you just why you always have and always will love the blues.

To purchase this album, click here.

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