Fun Summer Reading: Earl Dibbles Jr. — ‘If You’re City, If You’re Country’

Earl Dibbles Jr. — ‘If You’re City, If You’re Country’

Hilarious. And oh, too true.

That describes the fun summer reading provided by Earl Dibbles, Jr., If You’re City, If You’re Country. Earl Dibbles Jr. is the comedy alter-ego of country singer Granger Smith.

The book is full of comic truths from Earl Dibbles Jr., matched by spot-on illustrations by Patrick Biederer. In it, Dibbles Jr. expresses his expert opinion on fast food, huntin’, fishin’, shootin’ the breeze, neighborliness, and politics. He has put together a collection of observations comparing and contrasting life in the city versus the country:

“If you’re city… a good network is great when you need to download a big file.

If you’re country… good net work is great when you need to upload a big bass into the boat.”

The book comes with a CD. So how is it? It’s everything you’d expect from Earl Dibbles Jr. Lyrics state exactly what’s on the country boy’s mind, propelled by a tune with energy that mirrors those thoughts. On the CD, he performs somee of his greatest hits: “The Country Boy Song,” “Country Boy Love,” “City Boy Stuck,” “Merica,” and “Don’t Tread on Me.” You’ll want to turn this collection of five songs (along with an audio reading of the book for those who don’t consider having to read a good way to spend a day) way up. It’s the perfect read/listen for the dwindling days left of summer 2018.

To order this contemporary cultural tome on Amazon, click here.

Granger Smith and Earl Dibbles Jr.

About Granger Smith:   Over the course of his groundbreaking career, Granger Smith has amassed a massive audience now known as “Yee Yee Nation” built through heavy touring and grassroots fan engagement. He now has a social media following of 7 million and over a quarter of a BILLION online video views. Flagship artist on BBR Music Group’s Wheelhouse Records, Smith broke onto the national scene with Remington, an album that garnered him the No. 1 single “Backroad Song.” Smith was also awarded a BMI Country Award for writing, producing, publishing and performing “Backroad Song” and followed it with the Top 5 hit, “If The Boot Fits.” “Backroad Song” was one of the Top 10 Most Played country singles of 2016 according to Mediabase and has been certified RIAA GOLD. He was nominated as Best New Country Artist for the 2017 iHeartRadio Awards and was included in the 2017 crop of artists honored during the CRS “New Faces” show. He released his current full-length album When The Good Guys Win in October, which has spawned the hit “Happens Like That” and newly-released single “You’re In It.” Granger is headlining his nationwide tour.

About Earl Dibbles Jr.:   Earl Dibbles Jr. is the parody and brainchild of Country music chart-topper Granger Smith. Granger and Earl have a combined social network of 7 million and over a quarter billion online video views. Over the years, Smith has created many different character ‘alter-egos,’ but no one could predict the viral nature of country boy, Earl Dibbles Jr. It began in 2011 with a simple video and monologue, which instantly resonated with people all over the country. Since then, it has grown an entire brand, named Yee Yee, after Earl’s country slogan, including a clothing line and an energy drink, Yee Yee Energy.

For tour dates and more information, visit: www.grangersmith.com.




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