New Pop / Americana: Flagship Romance — ‘Concentric’

Flagship Romance — Concentric
(Release date: August 9th, 2019)

The hypnotic piano lulls you into a place where, encountering perfect harmonies, you ask “What’s this?” It’s a web of notes, words, feelings, images, and emotions, all waking up your deeper sensitivities. In other words, it’s a song doing exactly what a great song does what when it is doing it exceedingly well. It’s also “Crossroads,” the opening track on the new release of duo Flagship Romance‘s new album, Concentric.

Photo: Miguel Emmanuelli

Flagship Romance is married singer-songwriter team Shawn Fisher and Jordyn Jackson. The New Mexico-based pair blend folk, rock, and pop into an invigorating musical cocktail all their own. At the core of their music is a witty perspective that instills a listener’s instant trust in all that they sing.

The most appealing aspect that sets Flagship Romance apart from other duos is their uncanny ability to blend, both harmonically and narratively, until your ears don’t know them as two distinct performers. With their music at the center, like the concentric circles of which they sing, Flagship Romance’s relationship to each other makes for an ever-expanding musical experience.

From the sound of it, Flagship Romance makes music for the love of it. Refreshing. And the kind of act that creates a ripple effect in further concentric circles  untold, as-of-yet-unrealizable ways.

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