New Blues: Dawn Tyler Watson — ‘Mad Love’

Dawn Tyler Watson — Mad Love

Canadian blues vocalist Dawn Tyler Watson‘s newest album, Mad Love, is her fifth recording, and it’s so satisfying that I’m already looking forward to her next project.

Produced by “Little Frankie” Thiffault, Dawn Tyler Watson has delivered a collection that proves she can do it all, from electric blues/rock to intimate confession to brassy horn section syncopation. There are moments of sultry seduction, phases of painfully honest exploration, and complete songs of raw, passionate performance. She must put on one helluva live show. From listening to these tracks it’s clear she’s one of those rare artists who your ears wish could just go on and on.

She is especially effective with soulful ballads. Check out the emotional give-and-take taking place in “Feels Good To Watch You Go” and you’ll hear what I mean. Hers is a sassy, confident instrument, and she knows when to push it a little and when to reign it in a touch.

All in all, her vocals are a perfect match for the entirety of the supremely talented musicians that surround, support, and swing with her. They are the Ben Racine Band: Ben Racine, guitar and background vocals; John Sadowy, keyboards; Francois Dubé, bass; Nicky Estor, drums; and the horn section of Mathieu “Moose” Mousseau, baritone sax; Kaven Jalbert, tenor sax; and Nicholas Boulay, trumpet.

This album captures all of the reasons we love going to hear musicians do the thing they do so well — the energy, the joy of collaboration, the using of music to make a connection. And it brings it to us on a disc full of swagger. If an album could strut its way out of the speakers, Mad Love is it.

To purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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