New Blues: Forrest McDonald Band — ‘Blues in a Bucket’

New Blues: Forrest McDonald Band — Blues in a Bucket

Label: World Talent Records

My neighbors love this album as much as I. How could they not? After all, I’ve played it at full volume all day and received a text from them, asking what the name of the kick-ass band was that they were hearing. (It’s a listening habit I usually only indulge when playing Beethoven or Freddie Mercury).

But as soon as I heard the initial powerful blast of the blues on award-winning singer-songwriter, guitarist Forrest McDonald‘s latest collection, I couldn’t help myself. This is raw soul squeezed into the emotionally satisfying orgasm of the blues. Give it a good listen and see if you don’t agree? Recorded mixed and mastered at Dogwood Recording & Mastering in Oxford, Georgia, with Ron Benner engineering, Blues in a Bucket showcases Forrest McDonald’s guitar mastery in full bloom, aided and abetted by a stellar cast of backing musicians, featuring the dynamic lead vocals of Andrew Black and special guest vocalist Becky Wright. One of the highlights is the contribution of Tony Carey on the piano and organ on two tracks. Truth be told, the entire band sizzles on each track, so perhaps Mr. Carey just benefits from some exceptional arrangements. Nonetheless, he is the salt and pepper to a tasting menu of blues that I’ve been craving. The musicianship onboard is matched by the quality of the stories inherent in the songs they bring to life. The eleven tracks are an achievement of soul-stirring personal narratives transformed into universal experiences.

Most memorable tracks:  “Go To The Light,” “Going Back To Memphis,” and “Blues In The Basement.”


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