New Music: Paul Mark & The Van Dorens — GRAVITY

Paul Mark & The Van Dorens — GRAVITY

Label: Radiation Records

Release Date: June 2, 2020

Paul Mark & The Van Dorens have achieved their usual brilliance with their new release, GRAVITY. If I awarded stars in music reviews, I’d give them a constellation. Even better news is that Gravity is Paul Mark’s eleventh studio album. For anyone “discovering” him with this solid piece of work, there are treasures to be found by exploring his previous output. What is noteworthy when considering the plethora of his work is not the trustworthy hard scrabble vocals, the exact and successful specificity of the lyrics, nor the shifting rhythmic interplay between all sounds — it’s not just all these, rather — it is the heart that is at the music’s soul (and vice versa) if you listen closely. 

With a sound defined by its sheer variety (and abundance of stellar instrumental skills), Paul Mark makes music that kindle your imagination — soundtracks just waiting for films to be made. Songs proving that industrial era emotions are eternal. Just turn up the volume and close your eyes. I guarantee you these songs will bring nothing less than Oscar-worthy characters and scenarios to your gratefully-ignited imagination. 

While it isn’t easy to pigeonhole their music into a specific genre, these musicians straddle almost all of them, usually all at the same time, all while remaining utterly original. It’s as if genre labels were merely colored circles in a musical game of Twister, and Paul Mark & The Van Dorens were stretching in inventive and artistic ways. Musical gravity be damned; when it comes to exciting listening experiences they are the last ones standing. The album is a splendid balance of all imaginable styles; blues, ballads, country, soul, odes, rants, lullabies, narratives, and necessary reminders. GRAVITY is a musical tent revival tailor made for a world in need of being yelled at by the truth for a change.

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