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Preview: Andrew Beall & Evan McCormack’s ‘Wake Up New York’


How do you know that musical theater in New York City is going to be just fine? Take a listen to just one of the projects currently simmering — just waiting to be fully realized. For instance, this track (“Wake Up New York”) just released from the creators of a musical-in-progress titled Goodbye New York. The song, written by Andrew Beall (music) & Evan McCormack (lyric), is an exhilarating introduction to their musical-in-development, which will have a book by David Don Miller. Creating this show during a time when the question of whether or not to stay in New York City has been asked by so many, for so many reasons, is a brave and inspiring choice. If musical theater is to thrive, it will do so by addressing the imaginations of the audiences that the art form depends on. 

This is the first single from the album, eventually available on Broadway Records. The vocals are given heart and soul, and an urgent performance from the sublime Arielle Jacobs. Also featured are stellar contributions from Brad Standley, and Ben Jeffrey. Like so many other notable showtunes, the grand sweep of “Wake Up New York” captures the feeling of everything that makes going to see and hear a show live-and-in-person worth it, and more. It’s clear that these writers are capable of delivering the much sought after Broadway goosebump experience.

Give the song a listen and hear the sound of artists in New York City continuing to do what they are meant to do, no matter what, sounds like:

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