New Blues: Vanessa Collier — ‘Live at Power Station’

Recorded live at the legendary Power Station Studios in NYC, in front of a live studio audience, Vanessa Collier‘s latest album is the high energy listening experience that will get you through the coming winter. From the moment she is introduced at the start of the disc, to last song’s final sax button, Vanessa Collier and band bring ten tracks to life. It’s just what a “live” recording requires and Collier is definitely up to the challenge. Consequently, the audience’s ample enthusiasm is totally justified, which is not always the case on every “live” album.

Vanessa Collier’s saxophone playing is smooth when it is smooth, frisky when it is frisky, and unpredictable in the moments leading up to those passages. She takes complete charge of each song (as a consummate musician and vocalist) and burrows in, excavating every emotion within.

The musicians on the album — Vanessa Collier (Vocals, Alto Saxophone, Tenor Saxophone, Resonator Guitar), Laura Chavez (Electric Guitar), Byron Cage (Drums), Andrew Crane (Bass), and William Gorman (Organ, Piano) — create more sound than you’d expect from five artists. The interplay between them is remarkable and keeps things playful and spirited.

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