New Music: Cosimo Lizzi — ‘Amore del Passato’

The Debut EP “Amore del Passato,” from International Vocalist and Recording Artist Cosimo Lizzi.

“Amore del passato” translates as “Love of the past.” One does need not look it up to discover this; one only needs to enjoy each of the seven tracks on the latest release from Cosimo Lizzi, whose album is a collection of highly satisfying interpretations of exquisitely chosen material.

I’m not certain where the album cover photograph was taken. Most likely it is Calabria, Italy, as that is a home for Mr. Lizzi. I fantasize that it might be someplace such as Orvieto, since that brings back such powerful and happy memories. Who hasn’t spent time in Italy without developing a personal preference? Wherever it is, Cosimo Lizzi’s vocals bring you there in an instant. Being a consummate Italian pop artist, he has a fluid, sophisticated delivery that will charm you into believing you are in Italia, no matter where you hear these songs that celebrate life. Prepare to listen, sigh, and smile.

There doesn’t seem to be any style of song in which Cosimo Lizzi would not excel. From the brooding, yearning international flavor of “Cinque Giorni,” to the touching and intimate “Sara,” to the always irresistible “Quando, Quando, Quando,” to the cool, suave take on “Ticket to Ride,” Cosimo Lizzi covers it all with authority. He has such command of this material that I suspect he has a more than lengthy playlist of songs he could deliver at any moment’s notice. It’s clear that he is a musician’s musician, and that this EP is a mere sample of the limitless pleasing music he makes.

Available now on all Digital Platforms or wherever you buy or listen to music.

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