New Jazz: Skip Grasso — ‘Becoming’

Sometimes, hearing an influence on an artist in his work is more than just a coincidence, more than just a good thing. Once in a while, it is a refreshing reminder of the continuity of the form. Such is the case with Skip Grasso’s new album, Becoming. It is a collection of 8 tracks that explore original material, while also satisfying the comfortability itch. These are Grasso compositions that will have you glancing back fondly to your favorite albums of Metheny and Benson. Grasso has a feel for the guitar that drives each song in a different direction. Where they all connect, to become part of a unified listening experience is in their unique moving qualities.

On the album, Skip Grass(guitar) is joined by Anthony Pocetti (piano), Billy Drummond (drums), and Harvie S (bass). This esteemed company suggests that Mr. Grasso is not exactly “becoming”; to play with this trio is definitely to have arrived. Their improvisatory gifts only add to this first-rate release.

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