New Jazz: Michael Rabinowitz — ‘Next Chapter’

What a delight to encounter the inspiration of a jazz bassoon-centered album. Who knew that this all too frequently overlooked woodwind could create such a playful, imaginative, addictive response? I could listen to Michael Rabinowitz play all night and still want more.

I love the experimental spirit at the heart of this release. The featured musicians (Michael Rabinowitz – Bassoon, Tommy Campbell – Drums, Andy McKee – Bass, and Matt King – Piano/Melodica) are all supremely skilled and take advantage of the playful space. The entire project becomes a celebration of each instrument, as they find innovative ways to challenge and support each other.

With Next Chapter, his new album, Rabinowitz establishes that his improvisatory skills are practically limitless. Oh, sure, once in a while he has to toss the tune in the direction of another equally talented fellow musician, but when it comes to establishing what a bassoonist is capable of, he can definitely write the book.

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