New Blues/Rock: Van Wilks’ ’21st Century Blues’

van walks blues guitar rock

Van Wilks — ’21st Century Blues’

Label: Texas ’51 Records

Ummm, yeah. This is exactly what this kind of music should sound like. Van Wilks’ new album, ’21st Century Blues,’ makes it clear from the first note that you can count on him to bridge the past of blues-rock guitar’s legendary legacy and the future. Clearly, he can carry that weight. It’s Van Wilks’ first studio album in ten years and it proves that sometimes some things are worth the wait.

One of the finest Austin-based guitarists around (and that’ saying’ something), Van Wilks evokes nostalgia with his sheer musical muscularity. At the same time, he propels things forward with arrangements that surprise. He produced the album, with Chet Himes doing the recording and mixing. Wilks’ guitar does everything else, and then some.

There’s a majesty to the entire album that is hard to find these days. Let’s hope your neighbors enjoy good blues-rock, turned way up. If they’re anything like mine, they’ll have no choice.

Essential Downloads: “Drive By Lover,” “There’s A Sin In There Somewhere,” “Who’s Foolin’ Who.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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