New Soul/Blues: Tasha Taylor’s ‘Honey For The Biscuit’

Tasha Taylor

Tasha Taylor — ‘Honey For The Biscuit’
Label: Ruf Records

There’s nothing “rough” about Tasha Taylor, except, maybe, for her record label (Ruf Records). Everything else about here is smooth. As smooth as… well, as smooth as honey. Tasha Taylor was born to sing and play the blues; a daughter of Stax soul legend Johnnie Taylor, Tasha grew up surrounded by some of the music around. In her latest album, ‘Honey For The Biscuit,’ she offers 13 songs full of nuanced emotion and stellar musicianship.

Credit must be given to Taylor— a vocalist of supreme talent and power—for singing all original material on this, her third impressive album. While it would be great to hear her take on any number of classic soul numbers, her devotion to sustaining the ongoing story of the genre is even more rewarding.  ‘Honey For The Biscuit’ is an album that benefits from putting your setting on repeat. The songs are of such quality that they grow more familiar with each listen.  Some of the songs Taylor has written suggest that finding the honey in life is not always possible without encountering a few bees along the way. Still, the notes themselves (and her clear delivery) are satisfyingly sweet.

Essential Downloads: “Wedding Bells,” “One and Only,” “Same Old Thing.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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