Is This Season’s ADIDAS Clay Court ‘Look’ The Ugliest Ever?


Are this season’s ADIDAS clay court ‘look’ the ugliest ever? Leave it Adidas—the brand that has always had the worst-fitting and colorblind designs—to try and overcome it by getting rid of the color altogether.

It looks like a mix of zebra/NFL ref/something “sporty” that one of the old sitcom’s ‘Golden Girls’ would wear… What do you say?

'The look' at Monte Carlo this week.

‘The look’ at Monte Carlo this week.

Sorry, but someone had to ask.

But, hey, we’ve all see worse. How about that Dominik Hrbatý look from 2005?

Dominik Hrbatý, 2005

And who can forget Venus Williams serving pie crust along with the ball in 2011?

venus 2011

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