New Roots Music: Eric Bibb — ‘The Happiest Man In The World’

eric bibb

Eric Bibb — The Happiest Man In The World

Label: Stony Plain Records

The latest album from Eric Bibb and North Country Far (Olli Haavisto, Janne Haavisto and Petri Hawala) with Danny Thompson is another in a line of consistently high quality releases. On this one (with fourteen Bibb-written tracks), Bibb is as versatile and effective as ever, and Thompson is one of the finest double-bass players around.

Anyone with a gift as sweet as Eric Bibb’s has the right to feel like ‘the happiest man in the world.’ These blues-flavored songs are compelling stories, sung and conveyed with sensitivity by all of the musicians involved. Supported by acoustic instrumentation, Bibb has a way of demanding a listener’s attention with a natural ease. The atmosphere created by these artists will have you smiling for a long, long time.

Essential Downloads: “I’ll Farm For You,” “On The Porch.”


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