Aaron Einhouse — ‘It Ain’t Pretty’

Aaron EinhouseAaron Einhouse — It Ain’t Pretty
Label: Vision Entertainment

In a perfect world, the ‘Austin, Texas sound’—that glorious contribution to American music that blends country, rock, folk, blues and even a taste of jazz or Tejano—continues to evolve and, thanks to Aaron Einhouse, it is still very much alive and thriving. His new album, It Ain’t Pretty (released Friday May 13th) reflects that stylistic variety. It is a collection of songs that would survive even the driest desert, and might even inspire new life to grow there. He stands out in his generation of musicians. In fact, when it comes to creating authentic, soulful, hard-driving, energetic, red dirt sounds, Aaron Einhouse might just be the lone star making them these days.

Einhouse delivers the songs with a singer/songwriter, no-nonsense approach that serves the material well. He’s one of those admirable artists who shine by carefully placing the song itself in the spotlight.

These are songs about situations and the feelings that come with them that anyone who has lived enough to be honest with themselves will understand and appreciate. In a sense, It Ain’t Pretty is a celebration of the gritty reality that makes a musical poet write such songs in the first place.

Essential Downloads: “Dancin’,” “It Ain’t Pretty,” “That’s What You Get,” “Thinking of You.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

To visit Aaron Einhouse’s website, click here.

Photo: Natalie Rhea

Photo: Natalie Rhea

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