New Americana: Elouise — ‘Deep Water’

Elouise — Deep Water
Expected Release: Jul 15, 2016

It is a swampy, nearly kinetic experience. The songs on Elouise’s new album, Deep Water, are enough to send you to swimming lessons, as futile as that may be, considering the mirky depths the songs take you. The soundscape presented on the entirety of the album is overwhelming (in a good way) in its specificity and authenticity. Listening to it, you find yourself playing all parts: protagonist, antagonist, witness, crime reporter, and strictly observing angel. If it’s any help, since words don’t usually suffice when it comes to highly original music, Elouise calls their trademark sound “Blackgrass.” I couldn’t agree more.

The boldness and the daring never lets up; from the compositions, to the instrumentation, to the vocal performances. It’s a kaleidoscopic trip through the American musical experience, with fragments and reflections of classics splitting with the most primitive of musical impulses. Every note of it is necessary and every rest in between the notes is full of profundity. “Art,” that taken for granted American birthright of so many generations past, gets a momentary resuscitation in the inspired hands of Elouise.

Essential Downloads: Let’s face it, this is one of those old fashioned albums, where every track depends on and is supported by the others. If you are going to take the ‘Deep Water’ voyage, the only way to do it is to listen to the whole event. Try it and see if you disagree. You won’t.

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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