New Rock: The Steepwater Band — ‘Shake Your Faith’

The Steepwater Band — ‘Shake Your Faith’

Label: Diamond Day Records

This record jams. What’s more, the songs themselves are worth all of the effort. There is nothing better than a hypnotic base line, layered with an alternately gritty and smooth vocal. It is the essence of rock, and The Steepwater Band has it. Their latest album, Shake Your Faith, is a very satisfying journey through a mix of rock, blues and all-around-amazing vibes. Unlike most bands, The Steepwater Band is most rewarding when they are attempting the most ambitious material. They are more than up to the challenge of the new, the exciting and the highly original. In these tracks one can hear echoes of years on the road, and see shadows of influential legends that have passed by. What remains is the music, and it is spectacular.

Essential Downloads: “Mama Got To Ramble,” “Break,” “I Will Never Know.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.

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