New Blues: Ally Venable Band — ‘No Glass Shoes’

Ally Venable Band — ‘No Glass Shoes’

She plays the guitar with authority and she sings with the voice of realistic hope. Her delivery of a song is instantly relatable—a necessity for success in playing the blues. So, if the blues are ready for an original, then it’s time to start paying attention to the Ally Venable Band. The “band” that supports her is equally as good. They are Bobby Wallace (Keyboards), Zach Terry (Bass), Elijah Owings (Drums).

This album is not for a Cinderella in search of being taken away by a perfect prince. It is, instead, a testament to the maturity of the seventeen-year-old Ally Venable, who offers wisdom in track after track. No “glass shoes” for her; from listening to her music you can tell she has both feet planted firmly on the ground.. and the blues, as they can from time to time, sound like a joy.

Essential Downloads: “No Glass Shoes,” “Messin With The Kid.”

To preview or purchase this album on iTunes, click here.


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